Our Benifits

SHRARA Coir pith has the following benefits.

Our History

Coir Pith & Neem Powder
Alternate Green source for all your Agriculture, Horticulture, Floriculture needs...

What We Offer?

We are the largest manufacturer / exporter of Coir Pith apart from having our own largest coconut growing farm house in India since 2001. Coir pith is one of the greatest Bio degradable product used in Agriculture, Horticulture and Floricultural needs.

We are one of the largest manufacturer of several by-products of coconut. We are glad to manufacture 16 different products from coconut in our own facility (all under one roof).

SHRARA Coir Pith is one of the premier growing media and is an excellent alternative to peat moss. Our products are produced with 'High Quality' and rigorous quality measures are followed to ensure that the best products are delivered to our customers worldwide.

Being a direct manufacturer / seller of Coir based products, we would be able to provide a very competitive / compelling price for all your Coir based needs.

Coir Pith is also used by Potting mix suppliers, Green houses, Hydroponic growers, Seedling Nurseries, Nursery and Garden center professionals, Lawn and Golf course constructors, Horticulture and Floriculture applications, Home gardening (indoor and outdoor) and for Landscaping use.

  • 100% Premium Organic product

  • Good water holding capacity (1 Kg of Coir pith will consume 15 liters of water)

  • Bio-degradable

  • Ideal pH (between 6 ~ 7)

  • Low EC (below 0.5)

  • Non-Toxic to roots and to fertilizers

  • Long lasting, Excellent drainage and Air porosity

  • Parts per Million (PPM)

  • 100% renewable resource

  • No Pollution and Easily Disposable

  • Environment friendly

  • Light weight

  • Free from harmful microorganism

  • Enhances plant growth

  • Easy to handle and uniform in composition

  • Improved availability of nutrients to plants‚Äč

  • Easy to dispose (or) Recycle

  • Competitively low priced with other growing media

  • Additional nutrients and microorganism to enhance plant growth